Curriculum Vitae - Dr. Rochelle Ehrlich

Judging CV & General Canine Interest

I judged my first open show in 1981, and finally became an all breeds championship show judge in 2016. I have judged in South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Israel, Denmark & Sweden. I am a Veterinary surgeon with special interest in Reproduction, I run my own small animal general clinic and grooming parlour: Ontdekkers Animal Hospital. I do lots of natural assisted mating’s, fresh semen AI and surgical frozen semen AI as part of my daily practice. I am currently registered at Pretoria University working towards an M.Sc. on the Causes and problem solving of Resorption of mid term canine pregnancy in South Africa specifically amongst show dogs.

My grandparents had Borzoi and Whippets and raised Greyhounds which they raced with some success before Greyhound racing was banned in South Africa, and as a tiny toddler I would be found curled up with one of the House dogs, or sharing my food with the kennel dog’s. By the time I was 6 I was determined to become a veterinary surgeon and especially so after watching the local vet operating on one of the Borzoi’s legs. When I was 8, I started volunteering at his surgery on weekends and school holidays, cleaning kennels, feeding and watering and exercising kennelled dogs, and with time assisting in all minor surgical procedures. I was 14 when I assisted in a Caesar on a Rough Collie, sadly the bitch died under the anaesthetic and with 14 pups to hand raise the breeder wanted to cull half, I offered to help and took the weaker 7……on return to breeder at 6 weeks she gave me one of the pups…my start in the competitive obedience and show world

Throughout school & my BSc degree while living with my parents, I was not permitted to get another dog. – on moving to University digs in 1976 while studying for my Veterinary degree I bought my foundation bitch pup, Madre’s Sheena competing in breed, obedience, working and herding trials gaining Ch status in breed C test qualification, CD Ex, HT1 Q, her daughter out of her first litter is to date still the only Rough Collie in South Africa to be both a breed and obedience Champion. I have since trained dogs for agility and carting as well. My current top stud dog is Ch Int. Ch &Ch Cart Chellert Ink-Corrigible. I have bred or owned 73 Rough Collie South African Breed Champions 2 Int. Ch. 1obedience 1 carting and 1 dog Jumping champion. I have also owned and shown a Bearded Collie & a Smooth Collie who also gained their breed Ch status, and currently a Pomeranian.

I have held administrative positions on numerous club committees as well as being Honorary Veterinary surgeon and Breed Health advisor for others. I sit on the S. A. Veterinary Association-KUSA genetic ethical advisory group. I am the current Chairman of the Roodepoort & Districts Kennel Club, as well as being Chairman of the Johannesburg Branch of the South African Veterinary Association.

Dr Rochelle Ehrlich (B.Sc., B.V.Sc.)
Chellert Kennels
c/o Ontdekkers Animal Hospital


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